Tips to improve readership & reduce flyers wastage!


Improving readership in your flyers/marketing collateral

It’s a normal occurrence that flyers are always being tossed into the bin. You know you want to get the message to the decision maker, but it’s always being thrown into the bin before they can even read it.
The solution? Increase your budget a little and purchase some envelopes. Packing your flyers into envelopes improves readership by several times. This means that your returns from advertising through these flyers could potentially become much higher.
Forget about saving every cent, spare some funds to buy some envelopes and distribute your flyers with these envelopes! We do it every time and it works.

Reaching to the right department or person?

On top of packing your flyers into envelopes, do consider labelling your envelopes with the right designation. For instance, if you wish your message to get across to Managing Directors in the companies, create labels on every envelope that directs the mailer to the Managing Director.
Once again, we do it every time and it really works.

Check out our envelopes, packing & labelling rates by clicking here! Rest assured, it’s not going to cost a bomb.

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