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B2B Connect – Singapore #1 Commercial Buildings Flyers Distributor

B2B Connect distributes your flyers to only commercial areas & buildings in Singapore. Distribution to commercial offices is a more tedious process as it requires more manpower and planning. However the returns from commercial office flyers distribution are usually higher as your promotions are delivered to audiences such as Managing Directors, CEOs and business owners in Singapore. These people usually have stronger buying power as compared to the audience reached via public flyer distribution.

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How is our commercial buildings distribution different from public flyers distribution?

Commercial Flyers Distribution HDB/Public Flyers Distribution
Audience Managing Directors, CEOs, Business Owners Random Audience
Audience Budget These audiences are more used to incurring expense, hence having higher budget. May have lower budget due to family and other liabilities.
Targeted Business Audience Flyers are distributed to the right market, with highly targeted audience. Audience may not be suitable, and there will be a-lot of wastage in paper printing.
Location Specific We are able to distribute to location/district specific business audience. Able to distribute to location/district specific HDB/Public audience.
Reports We provide actual photo reports and update clients frequently on the progress of the distribution. Usually just a SMS report or email report with text statistics. Will never know if flyers are fully distributed.
Printing Cost Much lower, yet conversion is potentially higher. There are about 210,000 registered office in Singapore. Usually have to spend several times more than commercial flyers distribution. Conversion is poor due to over-saturation.
Returns in Investment Commercial Flyers have several times better ROI as compared to HDB distribution due to right, targeted audience and lower printing cost. Manpower and printing cost will be costly. HDB letter boxes are usually spammed with lots of leaflets which means lesser exposure.
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