Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where does B2B Connect distribute my flyers to?

We distribute to only commercial areas such as commercial buildings, CBD Areas, Industrial Area.

2. How many commercial offices and industrial offices are there in Singapore?

There are about 210,000 registered commercial & industrial offices in Singapore.

3. How many offices can B2B Connect distribute to every month?

Our team is capable of reaching up to 120,000 commercial offices each month. We are looking to expand our distribution team in the near future to be able to cover 99% of the commercial offices in Singapore.

4. Does B2B Connect have its own team of distributors, designers and printers?

In B2B Connect, we assure you that all our distributors, designers and printers are 100% in-house. We put a-lot of emphasis in providing express service.

5. How do I know that B2B Connect really distributes my flyers?

We know it’s hard to find a reliable flyer distributor company. We have 2 types of reports for clients, photo reports and weekly email reports. With these reports you are able to keep track of our activities more effectively and accurately.

6. Is B2B Connect price competitive?

With prices like $55 per 1000pcs of distribution to commercial areas, it’s the lowest in the market. However it is not cheaper than flyers distribution to HDB/Outdoor as there is more travelling and planning involved.

7. What is the difference between distributing to commercial areas and HDB/Outdoors?

Past statistics show that commercial building distribution yield higher returns on investment as compared to HDB/Outdoor distribution. Flyers in public areas are over-saturated and there will be a-lot of wastage in paper printing.

8. How is B2B Connect different from other flyers distribution company?

We are the only flyer distribution company that focuses on distribution to commercial areas. Our service is ideal for businesses who want to reach out to business owners around Singapore.

9. For Island Wide Distribution, can I select the location I want to distribute to?

The flyers will be distributed based on our distribution team’s schedule.

10. For Island Wide Distribution, can I split my orders into different days/weeks?

No, all orders have to be distributed on a daily basis. 20,000 flyers will take about 10-13 days to distribute.

11. How does Location Based Distribution work?

Clients can select up to 1-2 district(s) they want to distribute the flyers in, depending on the quantity you are ordering. However if the order quantity is huge, our consultant will have to verify your final quantity against the number of letter boxes at your desired district(s).

12. For Location Based Distribution, what happens if there are flyers remaining after distributing at my desired district(s)?

The flyers can then be distributed to your 2nd choice desired district(s).

13. For Location Based Distribution, how do I know the estimated number of flyers I need for the district(s) I want to target?

Simply Contact Us and we will advice you on the estimated number of flyers required based on our records.

14. For a usual order, how many of my flyers will be distributed in a day?

For all orders, we distribute about 1,500 to 2,500 per day. However in special cases, we can distribute up to 3,000-6,000 per day, with additional cost, as we will be utilizing 2 or more of our distribution teams and vans for distribution.

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